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Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Common Google Adwords Misconception

Are you afraid to start advertising with Google Adwords because you think you'll write a bad ad that no one will click on and cost you a lot? The good news is that if no one clicks on your ad, it will cost you nothing. That's right - nothing!

If no one responds to your classified ad in a newspaper, of course it will cost you since you paid just to have your ad in circulation. However, Google Adwords is not like classified advertising because you pay per click. You have greater control over your ads. You can have multiple ads, target certain countries, schedule your ads to run during specific times, and more. You can easily control how much you spend on ads by specifying your cost per click and by setting your daily budget for each campaign.

Let's say you have a Google Adwords campaign with a daily budget of $5.00. Once you reach enough clicks in that campaign to reach $5.00, your ads will stop running. You won't spend any more on that campaign for that day. You can always adjust your daily campaign so you never spend more than you can afford.

A good way to find out what your daily budget should be is to take how much per week you can comfortably handle with Google Adwords. Divide that number by 7, and set it as your daily budget. If you have multiple campaigns, make all the budgets add up to the daily budget number you got.

Google Adwords can really pay off for you. If you haven't created an account yet, you will want to go ahead and create one. Start experimenting! Remember, if no one clicks, you pay nothing.


paolo said...

i am not afraid of using ADWORDS but the problem is what if they click on your ads and your site is not converting at all?
THIS will be a big hole in your wallet like it happens to me that i spent 400 dollars in 3 campaigns without closing one sale or even without a opt in lead!!how to change this trend?

paolo said...

i am sorry i forgot what about to give me a feedback?


Derick Yung said...

Start off with a smaller bid and smaller daily budget. See what kind of conversion you have. If your clicks are coming but you are getting no conversions, make sure your ad matches what you say on your site. Visitors should be able to find on your site what is mentioned in the ad.

Make sure you have an attention-grabbing headline. Try different headlines on your site as well. One word in a headline can make the difference between the visitor leaving your site instantly or reading for more information.