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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Google Adwords Keyword Idea - Marketers

If you're advertising with Google Adwords, an idea for keywords is to target other marketers by their name. When someone searches for a specific marketer, they are interested in that person for some reason. They may have seen them on a leaderboard, are looking to learn about their methods of promotion, and desire to copy them. They may want to see how they market and find out what makes them successful. Or... maybe they just want some background information.

A good place to get started with a list of marketers is Instant Buzz. In case you don't know what Instant Buzz is, it's a free plugin that lets you advertise on other people's Internet browsers. It's quick to install and could be a constantly growing source of traffic for you, due to its viral nature. To access the list of marketers, go to the Grow and Build section, then go to the area for Promotional Tools. Under PPC And Google Ads, you'll find a list of some names of top marketers.

Another place to get names of marketers is through the leaderboards of various programs, like that of GDI. Target anyone who consistently shows up near the top and is also in PayItForward4Profits. Or you could go even more general and target all top enrollers on the GDI leaderboard.

Let the creative juices flow!

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