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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nov 25 PayItForward4Profits Saturday Training Call Notes

Highlights from interview with Cindy Loewen:
  • Consistency is important
  • Through consistent practice comes skill
  • It doesn't matter where you are in business, it matters what activities you continue to do
  • Little activities over a period of time will become big
  • As long as you have the right mindset, system, team, and atmosphere, you will have success
Does PayItForward4Profits work?

Every single month, PayItForward4Profits is responsible for millions of dollars being made by tens of thousands of people worldwide. Obviously, PayItForward4Profits is working for a lot of people. 5000+ members join every week. 2 million dollars are paid out every month to 80000 members and this doesn't include profits from people's primary programs.

What's the secret?

What is the secret to the people who earn thousands per month with this system? They refer people to PayItForward4Profits, 3stepsecret, and cashflow123 pages. They do it consistently. That way, you create new sales regularly. You don't have to be the most expensive, quick, or efficient person.

It's a numbers game

This system is a numbers game. Think of PayItForward4Profits as a huge funnel. You put PayItForward4Profits affiliates in the funnel. Many people turn to be tire kickers or expect to make money by just signing up. That is OK and part of the business. Accept it. Don't let it bother you. But you will get people who get it - people who understand the system, want to make money, and are willing to put in the effort.

A sample scenario

Can you refer 2 new executive affiliates (signed up to at least 2/3 core affiliate programs - GDI, Traffic Oasis, Success University) a month to the PayItForward4Profits and let the system teach them to do the exact same thing? If you can do that, you can earn $10000 month in a year. Here's why: you'll have 4096 executive affiliates at the end of 1 year. A big progression occurs at 8 months. You may not see anything significant in 6 months, but when the money comes in, it comes in FOREVER.

4096 people in GDI: $4096 per month
4096 people in Traffic Oasis: $12228 per month
4096 people in Success University: (monthly residual) $27280 per month

And this $44000 is done part time! Remember though, these numbers happen in a perfect world. If we take a quarter of that, that's $11000 per month. Could you be OK with that part time?

4096 people in Paul's primary: $102400 per month

You need to plug in and play. Get traffic to the system and direct your affiliates to the training calls and steps. Paul and Joel train members for FREE.

The importance of a daily plan

You need to make a daily plan for yourself. This will vary for everybody and is based on your time allotment. This sample plan is based on 1 hour a day $100 monthly budget
  • co-op advertising ($25)
  • Traffic Swarm ($30 month to become a pro member - this way you don't have to click as much, and you get commissions on pro referrals)
  • send emails to 25 contacts in Direct Matches ($10)
  • AdLandPro - same thing as in Direct Matches ($15)
  • setup a blog to gain search engine recognition (free), post a new article every day and ping (you can get articles from nichearticleclub ($20))
  • if you have a bigger budget, start advertising in Google Adwords

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