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Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Reached PIF4P Senior Executive!

I have reached a new level in PayItForward4Profits - PIF4P Senior Executive! That's 500+ members. The previous level was PIF4P Executive, and the next level is PIF4P National Executive at 1000+ members. If I can get there, you can too.


Just go to PayItForward4Profits and plug into the system. First, update your affiliate links completely. After you do that, follow the steps that are nicely laid out for you. Make sure you don't just read them - it is critical that you take action as well. Reading alone and analyzing everything in detail won't help much. You don't need to fully understand everything - that will come with time. You can learn while you earn.

If, while going through the system, you encounter difficulties that are not answered in the PIF4P back office or member chat forum, open a support ticket or contact your sponsor. Make sure you get your questions answered and don't stop because you encounter some minor issue like a spelling mistake.

Remember, if you work the system regularly and take steps to constantly improve, before you know it, you'll be advancing up the ranks of PayItForward4Profits and reaching levels like Associate, Manager, Senior Manager, Executive, Senior Executive, and beyond! Go for it! The best time to start taking action is now!

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