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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More "Back To Basics"

Your prospects need to earn your time by doing things like joining the affiliate programs, going through the steps in PIF4P, and listening to the calls. Prospects can't just chat with you forever. Don't waste your time with members who haven't enrolled members themselves and have not joined any of the affiliate programs.

If you talk all day and are a good salesperson, you can enroll people who don't want to build their business. However, by doing that, you're just adding dead weight to your business. You're also cheating your downline because you won't have enough time for the people who really want to build their business.

PIF4P is like a big sorting funnel. If you don't use PIF4P and are personally chatting with people before you even sort through the prospects, your personal prospecting funnel is very limited. Why would you sort through prospects manually when you can do it automatically through a system?

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