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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

About Your Primary Business in PIF4P

Promoting your primary business is the goal of PayItForward4Profits. Your primary business should enable you to build a passive, long-term residual income.

When you login to your PayItForward4Profits back office, you can enter your link for your primary business in Step 1: Part 2: Affiliate Programs (at the bottom of the page).

People can pay you before they even see your main business. They can do that through the funded proposal (GDI) and through secondary sales (like TrafficOasis, TrafficSwarm, and Success University)

As long as your links are entered into the system, then members who signup under you in PIF4P will see the same back office as you have. The key difference though, is that it will have your personal details and referral links, so PIF4P members will have the chance to join under you in the funded proposal, the secondary sales, and your primary program.

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