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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What happened at Nashville?

I just wanted to share a bit about my trip to Nashville for the company conference (my primary business). It was fun, exciting, and informative. In short, it was simply outstanding!

There were a lot of exciting announcements made, like:

1. The Gold Ambassador program, which pays up to UNLIMITED levels. That is really powerful and rewarding because it encourages business builders.

2. The incentive trip to beautiful Hawaii in 2008 - I will be there and you could be there too if you join!

3. A landmark study that shows people who take our supplements have significantly better health than those who take other brands and those who don't take any at all.

4. Team-up 2007 - a chance to team up with 5 other members, with the top ten teams sharing in $75000!

With these new incentives, products that work so well, and a number of trends that are taking place (like health and wellness growing to a 1 trillion dollar industry, going green, financial freedom, time freedom, baby boomers retiring), this is the right place to be in at the right time.

If you want to go 4 Gold and get started ASAP, you'll want to contact me at 828-348-4588.

Derick Yung

Skype: derickyung

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