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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Build Your List With ListJoe - Results Update

Today I'd like to provide an update to my post about my ListJoe results. I have now reached over $2,000 in commissions! ListJoe is itself a list builder that allows you to email random members every 3 days (if you're an upgraded member) and your downline up to 10 levels! My level 1 downline is 290 members, and my level 2 - 10 downline is 242 members.

ListJoe also has added an option to receive credits for reading emails sent by other members. You can use credits whenever you send out ListJoe emails to reach additional members (each credit you use reaches an additional member).

ListJoe has another nice feature: the ability to build your downline in 12+ other list builders like ViralUrl and ListBandit, for example. I have used these other list builders and the awesome email ads provided by ListJoe to build my downline in ListJoe and earn some nice commissions.

If you're looking for additional ways to advertise your PayItForward4Profits replicated site, take a look at list builders.

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