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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Successful PIF4P Members and 2007 Goal Setting

Notes from the Jan 6 Saturday Breakfast Training Call:

Walter & Marcia Neufeld:
They have 3 little kids. Walter works full-time, and Marcia works part-time at home. They have a road map for 2007 (i.e. the PIF4P success guide). Marcia's recommendations: do the actions suggested by Paul and Joel in the PIF4P success guide. Don't stray away from the success guide. Schedule in your time and set your plan. Change the set of your sail. Take daily action. If you have questions, go get help.

Janet Legere:
People need to start at the quick start guide, work through, and take action. Get the training you need. There is help available, so there's no reason not to succeed. It's not about reinventing the wheel, it's about steering and driving the wheel in the right direction. Focus on building your list. Follow-up is the key. Add your own personal touch.

Rick Jorgenson:
Extremely excited about 2007. Key things: focus on the road map, set time aside on a daily
basis, take action. Ask yourself each day: What can I do today to move my business forward? (follow the road map). Quick start guide, fast traffic school, and the PIF4P success guide are all part of the road map. Goal setting is about the results that you want. What specific results do you want in your business? What level do you want to get to? What income do you want to achieve? Every day is a fresh start and an opportunity to refocus yourself. Take action. Stick to the road map and work it consistently. Know where you want to go. If not, you end up drifting.

Joel Broughton on goal setting for 2007:
You are guaranteed to meet your goals with constant growth and constant learning. Draw a timeline for today until the end of the year. For today, write down your current PIF4P members. Write down your income goal at the top. Figure out the members you need to reach that goal. For example: income goal is $10,000 / month with each PIF4P member worth $5 / month. This means you need 2000 members by the end of the year which works out to 166 members / month. You want to average out a steady slow growth over time. If you know how to get 1 member in PIF4P, you can get 2000. If you can't get 1 member / day, you need to learn more. Every week, make it a goal to enroll more than the previous week.

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