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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Show Your Business To Monetize Your List

Notes from the Jan. 13 Saturday Breakfast Training Call:

To guarantee your success, you have to show your business. The top leaders in PIF4P show their business to more people than others. That's it. There's no secret. You don't need special skills or need to be a guru.

To monetize your list, you need to be showing your primary business to your list. A percentage of your members will join your primary business if you show it to them. If you don't have a primary business, contact your sponsor.

This industry is tiny compared to the number of prospects that are out there. There are so many people wanting to make money from home. The top 2 currently occupied levels of PIF4P represent at least 16000 members. Right now, there are about 120000 members in PIF4P altogether. Millions of people are looking for a new business.

We can work together and combine our efforts to be able to successful together, or we can compete and shelter our knowledge, and not share our information. If we're selfish, we'll grow at a slower rate. When we share ideas and help each other, we all grow faster.

You may be thinking about others who have more skill and knowledge than you do. What you don't have in skill or knowledge, you can make up in numbers. It comes down to showing your business more. Whoever shows the business the most wins. Put yourself out there. PIF4P is growing by thousands and thousands weekly. You have the opportunity to pick it up.

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