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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fast Start Traffic School: Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm has a ton of network marketers. If you've been surfing it lately, you've probably noticed a lot of PIF4P ads. Is there still an opportunity to get PIF4P members from Traffic Swarm? Yes, because people constantly join Traffic Swarm from other places, and there are a lot of current Traffic Swarm members not already in PIF4P. Many people join PIF4P everyday from Traffic Swarm.

Why should you upgrade? Besides being able to earn commissions down to 5 levels, you don't need to click as much every day. Your average credit per click is higher. You get free credits every month from upgrading.

Members from Traffic Swarm are quality members. They understand the industry. Most already have a business and if you could introduce them to a system that helps them promote their business...

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