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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Increase Your Success University Conversions

This one letter will increase you Success University conversions by many times!
Broadcast it out and stick it into your PIF4P message list as Day 6.

Subject: ~~firstname~~, how much money are you leaving on the table?

~~ownersfirstname~~ here from Pay It Forward 4 Profits.

Today I'd like to ask you TWO questions:

Do you like making money?
Do you like getting quality things for FREE?

I hope you answered "Yes!" to both these questions or there may
be something wrong with you.

==>>Are you interested in getting quality leads generated and
sent to you every month for FREE?

==>>Are you interested in getting $300 plus of PPC advertisingfor FREE?

Targeted leads are the life blood of our business but generating
them takes time.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like Adwords on Google is awesome,
but costs can add up.

The solution is here....

PIF4P members get FREE "leads 4 life" as a bonus when we sign up
for Success University. Leads sent to you every month you are a
member of Success Uni!

This is an exclusive bonus offered by Joel and Paul and it's only for us!
Take advantage of it now because at the rate PIF4P is growing, it may
not be possible to promise "leads 4 life" to those who join later.

That's not all....

Join Success U and you get access to $300 of FREE pay-per-click
advertising from S.U.

Join today with a $2 donation to Feed The Children. After your 14 day
trial is up, you will be billed $49/month, BUT you will be getting leads
for life from PIF4P and you will also get all the FREE PPC advertising!


Leads 4 Life + $300 of PPC advertising should easily be reason enough to join Success U!
REMEMBER, it's in your best interest to join Success University:

*It pays well
*It's popular
*PIF4P is bribing your members for you with Leads 4 Life!

If you don't join, all you PIF4P members (and your members' members, and...)
will be sent to the default Success University link instead!

YOU should be enjoying the fruits of YOUR own labour, not someone else!

Why leave money on the table?
You will be missing out on FREE leads and countless commissions.


Nearly all the top money earners in PIF4P use Success Uni to generate
extra income.

Think of it as another Traffic Oasis....fresh leads every month and commission cheques too!

The choice is yours, but with the bonus of Leads 4 Life, it just makes sense to join.

To Your Success,


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