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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TrafficOasis letter for free affiliates

Hi Team,

This is the letter I send out periodically to my FREE TrafficOasis affiliates. You can find the TrafficOasis mailer in the "Stats" area of your Traffic Oasis back office.

Don't abuse the mailer or promote other programs. Just use it to encourage your free affiliates to upgrade. As many of you know, TrafficOasis provides the best leads money can buy (exclusive too!) and the compensation plan is simply amazing.

Derick Yung



YOURNAME here from PIF4P. I just wanted to send out a quick note reminding you of the power of the Traffic Oasis matrix.

This is my first experience using a "forced matrix" like Traffic Oasis uses. The result is astounding. Once you are a PRO member, you are in my matrix, people I sponsor, or my downline have sponsored, will be placed UNDER you.

It gets even better. AS soon as THREE of your PIF4P members upgrade to PRO, you will then earn $10 for each and every new member in your matrix from then on....even if you didn't sponsor them!

Truth be told, in the first few months with PIF4P, you will make more money with Traffic Oasis than all the other programs combined.

TO is well worth the price to upgrade. You will VERY quickly make back your money PLUS you get leads every month which will help get you get even more PIF4P members, which will convert into more paid Traffic Oasis members!

If you have any questions,
contact me,


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