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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Too Many GDI Emails?

You may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of emails you get from GDI, telling you to promote by doing this and that - hand out business cards, post flyers, phone leads, ... The thing is, with PayItForward4Profits, you don't have to promote GDI directly. PayItForward4Profits is a proven, working system that will help build your downline in GDI and other excellent programs. If you focus on sending people to your PayItForward4Profits site, you don't need to be concerned with what the other programs are telling you to do.

Make sure you buy at least 10 GDI DVD's though. That's one of the requirements you need to meet before you can collect the weekly GDI bonus.

If you want to receive fewer emails from GDI, login to your GDI account and go to "Contact Preferences" under "Account Info". There is a "Manage Mailings" section where you can select which types of mailings you wish to receive from GDI.

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