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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Notes From Nov 18 Sat Breakfast Training Call

I took some notes while listening to the Nov 18 Saturday Breakfast Training Call.

There 4 types of people that will contact you by phone or email about PayItForward4Profits. The following information will be made available in your back office. If you want the essence of it, you can check out my notes:

35% of people are yellow
- they like to be friends
- typical occupations: nursing, teachers, volunteer fundraisers, counselors
- they talk really gentle and really soft
- tend to dress casual and comfortable
- very dependable people, won't let you down
- team players
- very patient, supportive, nurturing

- very oversensitive, feelings get hurt really fast
- tend to be followers
- not goal oriented

- keywords to identify them: 'together', 'team', 'relationship', 'family'
- they dislike pushy people, salespeople, bullies, conflicts

35% of people are greens
- let's get to the facts and figures
- typical occupations: engineering, mechanics, research and development
- voice is soft and polite
- dress formal and conservative
- they're organized, very good planners, accurate, persistent
- they follow through
- they'll constantly contact a person

- tend to be over analytical - point out spelling mistakes, grammar errors, glitches
- hard to please
- generally depressed and loners

- keywords to identify them: 'why', 'graphs', 'flow charts', 'research', 'exactly'
- they dislike pushy people, salespeople, things with no facts, late

15% of people are blues (monkeys)
- very direct and open
- typical occupations: sales, entertainment, public speaking, acting
- voice is very loud and fast
- dress stylish, flamboyant
- they're good promoters, very convincing, enthusiastic, creative, have high energy

- talk too much, poor savers, poor in the followups, very unorganized
- they don't like not having fun
- they dislike facts and figures, being alone

15% of people are red
- they say "sign me up and get out of my way"
- typical occupations: CEO, attorney, vice president, airline pilots
- very forceful with volume
- dress for success
- they're very focused, goal-oriented, intense

- strong ego, short-tempered, very domineering, impatient, unteachable
- keywords to identify them: 'money', 'power', 'control', 'get to the point', 'what's the end result'
- they dislike chit chat, losing control, indecision

About the combinations:
- greens and reds self contained
- blues and yellows are open
- blues and reds are very direct
- yellows and greens are indirect

Don't be pushy!
70% of people you're emailing in your broadcast do not like pushy people

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