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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The PIF4P & 3StepSecret Co-ops, And The Funnel

On the Dec 16 Saturday Breakfast Training Call, Joel Broughton explained what's the difference between the two ad co-ops offered by PayItForward4Profits.

The PIF4P co-op gets you members who come mainly from Google Adwords, plus some magazine advertising, Yahoo search, and MSN search. Most of these people already have a primary business because business builders are targeted.

The 3StepSecret co-op gets you members who come mainly from newspaper advertising, plus some magazine advertising, and Google Adwords. The 3StepSecret ad co-ops runs a lot faster because there are more people looking for a business than network marketers/business builders. These business seekers are less experienced and most don't have a primary business.

Concentrate and focus on getting good at one of these targets: PIF4P or 3StepSecret. If you get good at one, you can target the other.

Putting Members In The Funnel

Let the system do the sales for you. The system is like a big funnel. Your focus is putting members in the funnel (ie the front end). Don't spend all your time getting people to join and upgrade. If you spend more time sponsoring members, then you will get more people potentially joining and upgrading. Don't start chasing people because the system is designed to do the sorting and sifting for you. Provide customer service - not sales.


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